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DVD: Jordan - Kyudo
by Budo Internation ...


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DVD: Jordan - Kyudo by Budo International

Shihan Jordan presents us with this DVD the Kyu-Jitsu, the art of archery, an almost unknown in the West martial art that combines the understanding of tradition and the best of the classical martial arts of Japan in knowledge itself. A unique work, which divides in detail in 8 stages the ceremonies of archery, which form a single cycle: ASHIBUMI (position taking), DOZUKURI (find the balance), (prepare the bow) YUGAMAE, UCHIOKOSHI (the bow lift), TSUMEAI (the drawing take place), NOBIAI (the largest opening), hanare (the bow free), ZANSHIN (continuity). A protocol that was executed with the greatest respect for this art and his own spirit, whose aim is to hit the target and get rid of any circumstance which is the archer, the bow and the arrow away. Audio: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French

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