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Fighting Ju-Jitsu


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Fighting Ju-Jitsu

Meister Bertrand Amoussou

Bertrand Amoussou is an internationally recognized Ju-Jitsu instructor.

This great teaching DVD has the following content:
-Atemi Waza (striking techniques)
-Basic settings
-Change of position
-Distance (distance)
-Punch combinations
-Combat combinations
-Nage Waza (throwing techniques)
-Falls and throws
-Sol ne Waza (ground fighting)
-Coordination exercises
-Case exercises
-Ju-Jitsu free fight

The following menu items are available:
-Basic techniques
-Advanced techniques
-Bonus = photo gallery, interview with Bertrand Amoussou, interview with David Douillet, interview with Dominique Valera u.v.m.

Awards and Certificates

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