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individual patch
by Budoten


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individual patch by Budoten

We can your order until a quantity of 50 pieces. From a quantity of 100 pieces, do we have a very low price. Only badges prepared for you, washable up to 6 colors included. All details of your submission will be implemented in detail, materials and workmanship meet the highest requirements. Gladly we will send you samples of previously-made badges for consideration. The size category of your badge to find out by checking the dimension of the greatest height and the dimension of the greatest width, and then calculate the divide by 2. We will make you an offer with fixed prices. For small quantities (Quantity <50), we offer you the following alternatives to your own individual patch may still wishes to realize: Article 591175 or 591176

Creating a premium stitch File
by Budoten


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Creating a premium stitch File by Budoten

The template for an embroidery pattern comes either directly from the customer as a logo or as design from us.

Of the desired pattern is a multiple major technical drawing is either made, called the template, or the original is scanned directly on the screen. The preparation of a template has the advantage that advance already technically necessary details can be drawn and later entering the data is much faster. Although when scanning on the screen removes the template, but the processing of the pattern is time-consuming. We have modern hardware and software available for this work. When programming the pattern all important data must be defined: the stitch, the stitch length, stitch density, the individual colors and their order, just to name a few.

Even when punching, it means the industry-standard technical term, the future quality of the embroidery is decisively determined, so just this work requires a great expertise and years of experience in programming a pattern.
Before an embroidery design goes into production, it is only once or more sample embroidered until the final details are exactly.

Create a standard embroidery f ...
by Budoten


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Create a standard embroidery file by Budoten

In contrast to the premium embroidery file in the standard stick file only the so-called "lock stitch" is used. This does not represent curves and forms from no 3D effects. This is a simple stick surface compared to a pressure considerably longer, although still high, but not the elegance can achieve a premium embroidery.

Limitation must, however, be said that large-scale embroidery only with stitches are possible. Satin stitches or satin stitches are useful only up to a line width of 8mm. For longer distances stitch is a risk that the embroidery in everyday life can easily be damaged or even destroyed, as can easily pull the strings at lengths greater than 8 mm.

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