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Sword of King Lionheart
by marto


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Sword of King Lionheart by marto

Das Schwert König Richard Löwenherz

The blade of this sword is made of 420 stainless, hardened steel and is screwed to the handle end. Handle, guard and pommel are faithfully nachgebildet.Die blade is satin polished and has a precision ground-in channel on both sides of the blade. On the Endknauf is a lion's head with color stone. The handle made of cast metal in bronze finish is wrapped with leather strips and has small metal ornaments. The guard has ornaments with dragons and three lions.

King of England and Aquitaine. Richard the Lionheart Was considered one of the most imposing of Representatives in the 12th century of the Middle Ages. In his Duchy Poiters he should have held glänende court festivities with knights, singers and artists.

King Richard the Lionheart took part in the third crusade to the Holy Land, conquered Cyprus and besieged the fortress of Acre, where he put his military skills. There he also received the nickname "Lion Heart" for his leonine courage to fight. In the world history particularly his victory over Sultan Saladin, ruler of Egypt and Syria, in 1191 was a. In a peace treaty between Richard and Saladin pilgrims free access to the holy places of Christianity in Jerusalem was assured.

Made in Spain.

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