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Sword Prince Valiant
by Marto


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Sword Prince Valiant by Marto

Das singende Schwert von Prinz Eisenherz

The blade is made of 420 stainless, hardened steel, satin polished finish and has a precise entrenched channel. It is screwed to the handle end. The metal handle is kept in a dark brass finish and has green colored stones that give the sword, the magic power. He is covered with a green leather strap and has completed part of a deposit with the sign of recognition of Prince Eisenherz, the sword hand, and the unicorn.

On the hilt is a representation of the head of Prince Eisenherz is with King crown.

Prince Eisenherz, son of a king of Thule in the land of the Vikings got this from his father as a gift, as Deiser sent him to the court of King Arthur of Britain.

On the blade of the sword is the saying: 'Invincible is one who leads me in a good cause. In the hands of Prince Eisenherzt gave the sword a singing tone, therefore it was called also the singing sword. It was Prince Eisenherz become an unbeatable knight.

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