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Blade length 58 cm, total length about 74 cm, Max. Blade width 7 cm, blade spine thickness about 5 mm, weight about 1800 g. Handles are made of ABS plastic.
The dark metal parts of the handle are black-plated and painted, the lion's head is held in gold.

From the 5th century BC, the most found in the Celtiberian area originate fragments of Falcataschwerter. Aufgurnd the vorderlasigen blade shape the Falcata is a highly functional short sword for the chop. This blade form has been preserved over the Gurkha the bayonet and the machete until the modern era. The handle of the sword is made of artificial horn.

The Roman legions were surprised especially in the Second Punic War by the action of these Falcataschwerter, of data used by the opponents. The functionality of the Falcataschwertes in the time before Christ came not only aufgund its particular form, but also because of the high quality of the steel that was used for this sword in kelt-iberishcen space.

The shields and helmets of the Roman legionaries could for example offer no great resistance against a blow from a Falcataschwertes. The operation was a Falcataschwertes verlgeichbar with a battle ax. With both weapons could dish out extremely dangerous blows.

Also on Greek vase paintings is the Falcataschwert to see, so that it can be assumed that the Falcataschwert generally in the Mediterranean was used.

The blade is mirror polished our reproduction and provided with a channel. It was made from AISI 420 stainless steel. It has a Rockwell hardness of about 49-52 degrees.

Very decorative, the lion's head on the handle and white handle insert. The original on which this sword is based, is located in the Archaeological Museum in Madrid. This sword is not suitable for exhibition fight.

Made in Spain.

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Celtic Sword with Sheath


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Celtic Sword with Sheath

The blade is forged from carbon steel. The handle is covered with leather and has a brass statements. To the sword includes a leather sheath.

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