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Sword I

Schwert mit besonders dicker Schneide - schaukampfgeeignet

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Short Description

Frankish sword from the time of the Crusades. Blade length 66 cm, total length about 90 cm, blade width 2.8 cm. Suitable for exhibition matches. Blade made of hardened steel.
weight: approx. 1.45 kg

Detail Description

Inexpensive practice sword with a particularly short and strong guard, which is relatively insensitive to shock. The blade is hand forged from carbon steel and bolted twice on the handle end.

Suitable for exhibition matches. For product liability reasons, we can give no guarantee against breakage. Any use is the risk of the user. (In the Middle Ages there were already blade breaks.)

If you use swords, so we recommend that you test this abundant, eg on a tree trunk. In one stroke cutting on cutting the formation of nicks are completely normal, with a high simple sword of course deeper nicks receives as a high quality sword.

This sword can be used to show fight. Please note that we do not accept liability for personal injury during use. Use at your own risk.

Need that such battle-appropriate weapons meet certain safety criteria is self-evident.
We include:
- Rounded blade tip
- Blunt edge of 2.5 to 3 mm
- Blade thickness at least 5 mm
- Strong guard
- Secure handle
- Secure attachment of the blade at the end of sword
Despite all the precautions in the production and material selection, we can no product liability with respect to blade breakage or the like and its consequences, say after the German and European product liability law.
A wholly owned blade breakage warranty may make no serious manufacturer. Each blade can break under certain circumstances. This clause takes place including why, since there are also users of these swords that deal with these irrational and unobjective swords.
We provide replacement in case of a proven material faults, such as hardness crack, or at too high a blade hardness. We emphasize again: Everything is made with the swords, go at your own risk.
Any costs nicks in the blade are not covered under warranty, but completely normal. Even the loosening of the guard is often unavoidable, especially when she gets shots from the opposing sword. Here, the only one Nachnieten or tightening the screw fixing.

Made in India.

Sold only to people from the age of 18!

In case of pruchase we are legally obliged to ask for an age verification. In Germany is neither a weapon license nor a weapons possession card for this product required. More information on weapons legislation you will find in our online-help.


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  • ID# 1233654191

    gutes Schwert
    Ein gutes Schwert für Einsteiger. Liegt gut in der Hand. Man sollte am Griff ein wenig den Grat entfernen aber alles in einem ein tolles Schwert! read more ...

  • ID# 1232972879

    Super Schwert
    Ein gutes und handliches Schwert hat aber leider keine Klinge aus einer Kohlenstoff-Legierung. read more ...

  • ID# 1220596151

    Super Trainigs-Schwert
    Das Schwert eignet sich wunderbar zum trainieren des Bill Newman Escrima. Insbesondere zum trainieren der beidhändigen Schläge nützt eine schwere mittelalterliche Waffe sehr, um die Kontrolle über die Waffe zu behalten. read more ...

  • ID# 1203443679
    publishedby Jan Gosewinkel

    Ordentliches, universell einsetzbares Schwert zum
    Dies war mein erstes Schwert, dass ich mir für den Schaukampf zugelegt habe, und als Einsteigerschwert ist es auch ideal. Trotz der Griffauslegung als Zweihänder ist es aufgrund der nur 1,25 kg Gewicht genausogut einhändig zu gebrauchen. Man kann also grad als Anfänger so beide Führungsarten für unter 60€ austesten. Das geringe Gewicht prädestiniert es auch als "Damen-Zweihänder" Im zweihändigen G ... read more ...

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