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Short Description

The total length of all 3 DVD s: 306 minutes
weight: approx. 0.3 kg

Detail Description


Self-defense against armed persons over 100 techniques

By following 5 martial arts masters:
-Michel Carron taekwondo
-Richard Douieb Nepal
-Eric Laulagnet Kali & Jeet Kune do
-Eric Quequet ADAC defense
-Franck Ropers Penchak Silat

This great teaching DVD has the following content:
-Self defense against multiple unarmed attacker
-Self-defense against knife attacks
-Self defense against with everyday objects
-Self defense against attacks with the baseball bat
-Self defense against stick attacks
-Self defense on the road
-Levers and handles

The following menu items are available:
-Bonus = self defense techniques, interviews, photo gallery u.v.m.

The DVD is playable in the following languages:

Total running time: 120 minutes

DVD 2:

Kajukenbo self defense

Introduction to the basic techniques vol. 1

Master Luis and Jonathan Diaz

Kajukenbo is a Hawaiian martial art that was developed between 1947 and 1950 by master Emperado. Kajukenbo is a Kenpo style with an orientation towards self defense.

Master Emperado has worked for three years with other experts of different styles, to develop an art that combines all concepts of their disciplines in harmony, and to make this a hard and realistic self defense system. These specialists were: Peter Choo, Joseph Holk, Korean Tang Soo do karate and judo Kodokan, Clarence Chang, Ju-Jitsu Sekeino, Clarence Chang, Kung Fu Sil Lum Pai.
In addition, they flow incorporated their knowledge of English boxing, because they themselves were amateur boxer, as well as their knowledge of Kali and the Polynesian LUA, the ancient martial art of Hawaiian warriors. After three years of persistent, common and private work was the new style.
They called him: KA for the Korean karate Tang-so-do, JU for judo and Ju-Jitsu, KEN for Kenpo and BO for Chinese boxing.

The concepts of the Kajukenbo to run logically, realistically and in a natural way. Mental openness and development are the components of the style. The current development of the Kajukenbo is expressed by the Grandmaster Angel Garcia.
Luis and Joe Diaz, the official representative for France, Angel Gracia and master Emperado, nominated by master continue to develop the system.
This DVD is dedicated to champion Emperado and champion Angel Gracia. The art is accessible to all, but the hardness must be maintained because it is part of the technical principles: distance, sensations, accuracy of the angle...
While the program is Very much diverse, it can be divided as follows:
Work with your bare hands, techniques of self defense, combat techniques, self-defense against stock, self-defense against knife, Filipino Kali for working with weapons.

The following menu items are available:
-Bonus = photo gallery, course sections u.v.m.

The DVD is playable in the following languages:

Total running time: 111 minutes

DVD 3:

Self defense and the system Penchak Silat

Learn the analysis of defense techniques against weapons and with bare hands

By master Jean-Michel Pinard

Jean-Michel Pinard has for more than 25 years of martial arts, he has coached several disciplines:
Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Krav Maga, Sambo, the system of quick self defense, Penchak Silat of the FISFO system by Charles Joussot. Currently, he is working as an instructor, graduate Charles Joussot and Präsentant of the FISFO system for the Switzerland in the Dojo Jorats Lausanne Vaud-Suisse.

The exercise of self-defense brings not only a better physical Verfasssung with it, but also a greater self-confidence, what allows us to be able to control our emotions in all situations.

Self defense is far from being an Anäufung of simple tricks with almost magical effect. It is a precise science, Which one can reach the limits of art, if someone is able to combine balance, precision, and dosage.
She must be, learned methodically starting elementary foundations and a logical progression following, from the simplest to the most difficult.
It is not possible to improvise beginners. The improvisation is a luxury you can afford when the elementary techniques are once been internalized.
The ability to achieve the correct effect, can be brought to this formula:
Action, if it must be, where it must be, must be No more than absolutely.
Such a project requires a good mastery of the self. These will be developed in the course of preparation and training.

The following menu items are available:
-Bonus interviews, defense against knife attacks = u.v.m.

The DVD is playable in the following languages:
-French, English, German, Spanish

Total running time: 75 minutes


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