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Electronic door with loud alar ...
by Jean Fuentes


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Electronic door with loud alarm by Jean Fuentes

Schalldruck von über 125 dB

During the day a normal door stopper and at night an effective alarm system. With this 2 in 1 door stopper, you save almost every door against unauthorized opening. It requires no electricity and is placed just behind the closed door. Someone tried to open the door, blocking the wedge and issues an alarm at the same time immediately with its siren. The wedge is a great protection from falling to the door off.

-electronic 2 in 1 door stop alarm
-loud siren with a sound pressure level of 125 dB
-for all standard doors (stop doors)
-usable with on / off switch: Without alarm as a normal DoorStop
-also ideal for the basement - or back door or the door of the hotel room
-installation-free, ready to use: set up just behind the door
-Regulator for 3 levels of sensitivity
-everywhere: requires only 1 x 9V battery
-non-slip rubber sole
-Dimensions: 14 cm x 4.5 cm x 4.2 cm
-including 9-V block battery

Persönlicher Sicherheitsalarm


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Persönlicher Sicherheitsalarm

Leichter, tragbarer Alarm zur Erhöhung der persönlichen Sicherheit. Ziehen Sie im Notfall an der Schnur, um einen lauten Alarm auszulösen.

waffen alarmgeraet security selbstverteidigung selbstschutz signalgeber personenschutz schutzalarm

Awards and Certificates

  • martial arts secure shopping
  • security and reliance in Austria too