Bubishi - to the source of the Karate do

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Bubishi - to the source of the Karate do

Roland Habersetzer, Übersetzung: Frank Elstner
by Palisander

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Short Description

272 pages, with 239 photos and over 200 sketches, paperback with foil papier-mache, 210 x 145 mm
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Detail Description

The Bubishi - the Bible of martial arts with bare hands
In the southern Chinese province of Fujian (Fukien), the fighting style of White crane originated centuries ago, when Fang Jin Jang, daughter of Shaolinmeisters, the martial arts of her father with postures and movements of the crane linked. This style is described in the Bubishi, an illustrated manuscript, which was intended for those wanted to be the champion in the fight without weapons.

It is evident that the techniques described in the Bubishi represent nothing less than those original forms, which have developed different modern martial arts such as karate, Jûjutsu, Jûdô, Aikidô or Wingchun. All the secrets of the unarmed martial arts are already disclosed. This manuscript submitted further over the centuries by masters of their students thus emerges as the Bible of the martial arts with bare hands.

Roland Habersetzers book introduces the 48 close combat techniques of the Bubishi (supplemented by detailed comments and detailed drawings of the author), the art of dianxue (the mysterious vital point techniques in the "poisoned hand"), the story of the fighting style of the "White crane" and history and technology of kata Hakufa and Happoren.
Excerpt (S. 193 f.):

The technique of dianxue

Dianxue means the energy of shock so focused that she applied in a certain time (speed of the shock) and a particular room (precision of the blow) on a vulnerable point of the human body. Is hit such a point with a defined force dosage or under a certain angle, this can have a temporary or permanent, partial or complete inability of the movement, debilitating pain, fainting or death result.

First the techniques of dianxue therein, to inhibit blood circulation or breathing temporarily or permanently or even stop putting precise strikes on specific anatomical points of the opponent's goal. It is possible to bring about a More or less permanent state of paralysis by a stroke to a muscle or muscle group virtually everyone.

The second stage of the dianxue is much more complex. It comes now, the flow of vital energy, Qi, disrupting (to strengthen him, to reduce or temporarily interrupt), which flows along the "meridians" of an organ to another.

However, there is a still higher level of dianxue, providing amazing some incredible acts in accordance with the tradition of Kung Fu. It should be possible to affect the energy of the enemy Very much light contact (i.e. without a strike) or even completely without body contact, by inserting their own internal energy. This is the secret techniques of the 'iron hand' (Tieh Sha Chang), of which, still A few old initiates possess knowledge.

About the author:
Roland Habersetzer of 8 Dan Karatedô
Roland Habersetzer was born in 1942. in 1957, he began to practice Jûdô and Jûjutsu. Already in the following year he became aware karate, Which one has only recently had found its way to France and was practiced only in small circles.

He soon opted completely for this direction, and in 1961 he was awarded the 1st Dan in this martial art, which he was one of the first "black belts" France and at that time latest. in 1962, he founded the section of karate/Kobudô of Strasbourg University clubs he worked as its Director or consultant until 1990. Here, he trained many karate teacher who founded France Dôjô in turn throughout the East. While de Karaté worked more than 10 years working in the fledgling Fédération Française he with the training of thousands of Karateka.

Disappointed by the tendency of karate, the martial arts to the sport to develop, he founded Budo (CRB), an international organization, the aim of which is to develop friendly links between all Budôka, which priority the preservation of spiritual values of Japanese and Chinese martial arts is located at the heart of the Centre de recherche in 1974. For over 30 years he advocates the continued existence of a traditional Karatedô. Spirit and technique of his conception of the Budô reflected in his numerous technical and historical works (more than 60 books so far), have high reputation in the world of martial arts. He runs courses Around the world, from Morocco to Norway, from Canada to New Caledonia, from Portugal to Germany. In addition, he was the first martial arts expert of rank, who introduced the Karatedô in the countries of Eastern Europe since 1975.

As one of the first he pointed to the dangers of an exclusively sporting development of the martial arts, and it is his merit that a variety of practicing again recognized the importance of traditional values of Japanese and Chinese martial arts (Budô and Wushu).

Roland Habersetzer is an expert in the Shôtôkan - and Wado ryû karate in the taijiquan (this art since he has taught Yang style - 1973) and in different kungfu styles (Hunggar, Choylifut). He is also active as a teacher of history.

After various belt levels in France, Japan and China Dan in karate was awarded in 1992 in Japan in recognition of his achievements, the 8th, an extremely rare for an Asians honor.


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