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Mat Transport Dolly -Kuli
by DanRho


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Mat Transport Dolly -Kuli by DanRho

This model has been newly designed with special attention paid to its metal construction and non-abrasive wheels to ensure optimum floor protection. The RHODE-TATAMI-Kuli comes delivered with its high bars ready for easy assembly - simply secure the two included screws and the mat transport dolly is ready for action in seconds. Compact and attractive design. Available in two sizes to accomodate 1 x 2 m mats. Total height approx. 1, 70 m.

Mat Transport Cart
by Budoten


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Mat Transport Cart by Budoten

As pipe construction with push handle, platform 100 x 100 cm and about 28 cm well to push Matt trolley up off the floor, 2 fixed and 2 steering castors with non-marking solid rubber ball bearing, thus even with heavy loads.

The capacity of the mat car depends mainly on the possible headroom at your site from. In theory holds up to 50 mats a car, but which at a total height of about 2.30 m and a weight of about 550 kg. Who wants to stack or move also ?? We recommend each car a set of about 35 mesh, which gives a loading height of approximately 1.90 m and 380 kg = 3 car mats for 100. Note for the shipment of goods:
This item may be logistical reasons unfortunately not be delivered to Switzerland. Alternatively, the shipment of goods is easily possible at a delivery address in Germany.

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