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Trainingsanzug Klassik, Schwar ...
by DanRho


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Trainingsanzug Klassik, Schwarz by DanRho

Ein klassisches Modell im Retro Look.

Die schwarzen Design-Streifen sind aus echtem Judoanzugsstoff gefertigt und ein wahrer Hingucker.

Der weiche Anzug aus schwerem Polyester und ohne Innenfutter hat offene Ärmel und Hosenbeine. Sämtliche Taschen lassen sich mit Reißverschlüssen schließen. Die Kapuze kann man durch den eingearbeiteten Reißverschluss bequem im Kragen der Jacke verstauen.

leisure+wear casual+wear trackingsuits casual+wear leisure+wear clothes suits sweat+suit

by Top Ten


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Schwitzanzug by Top Ten

Made of 100% Nylon with net lining. Ideal for warm-ups, jogging and weight reduction. Features hood in the collar. Features slit in the pant leg with zipper for easy entry with protective gear.

ClubLine Tracksuit San Francis ...
by Kwon


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ClubLine Tracksuit San Francisco by Kwon

Functional work-out ensemble featuring the proven quality and workmanship of the exclusive Club Line design. 100% Polyester outer material with polyamide lining. Open leg bottoms. Ample space on back for imprinting.

leisure+wear casual+wear trackingsuits casual+wear leisure+wear clothes suits sweat+suit

Endurance Tracksuit
by Kwon


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Endurance Tracksuit by Kwon

Endurance team suit
Functional training suit made from 100% polyester with breathable inner net lining, diagonal zippered jacket pockets, and elasticized sleeves and jacket hem. Pants feature a generous cut with a wide elastic waistband and drawstring. Open leg bottoms.
Back of jacket suitable for imprinting.

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