Battle Field Complete Set

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Battle Field Complete Set


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Short Description

Galvanized steel frame with dimensions 4x4x3 m (LxWxH) complete with 4 ground anchors, with a total weight of about 520 kg.
weight: approx. 900 kg

Detail Description

The Battlefield is the ideal combat training tool. It's versatile is designed for punching bags, training equipment such as Slingtrainer, wall Makiwaras (2 integrated wood panels for attachment) and much more on all four sides. Frame is self-supporting.

Assembly with the supplied tool and instruction manual in about 1-2 hours with 2 people. Supplied with 16 KWON 2.5cm floor mats Item No. 803768, ring cushions and ring ropes.

Complete with the following Battle Training accessories:

2x 805023 MMA Dummy
4x 804561Training Soft Stick 50cm
2x 804705 foam stick paddles red / blue 180 cm
2x 804705 foam stick paddles red / blue 150 cm
4x 803646 sandbags filled, 180 cm
2x 803513 Makiwara Dragon
8x 804780 Medicine balls (3 kg)
4x 804491 Kettlebell red 8 kg
4x 804491 Kettlebell blue 12 kg
4x 804491 Kettlebell black 16 kg
4x 804678 Sling Trainer
2x 102562 Strength Rope 14 m
4x weight bars
4x power chains
1x Trainer education


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