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by Trendy


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SwimNoodle by Trendy

A certificate is included

Schwimmnudel divers
by Trendy


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Schwimmnudel divers by Trendy

Comes with certificate:
Buoyancy aid for swimming instruction according to EN 13138-2: 2003 standard.

For the purposes of sections 2-3 years (15-18 kg), 3-6 years (18-30 lbs), 6-12 years (30-60 kg) and> 12 years (> 60kg) suitable.

To be held by an active person and to improve individual swimming strokes (to keep).

Attention: use only under expert supervision, no protection against drowning!

Storage and Maintenance: Clean before storing in clean water. Storage in dry and airy space.

by DanRho


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Soft-Cube by DanRho

The RED CUBE shows proper falling as well as two basic judo throws, the BLUE CUBE shows standard Taekwondo/karate/kickboxing exercises, the GREEN CUBE displays the traditional point scores. While the illustrations are certainly a special visual treat for our younger athletes, we also paid close attention to making sure each exercise was clearly depicted and technically correct. These cubes can thus yield an infinite number of practical options when designing a varied and enriching martial arts training experience for children and youth. Each cube comes with play instructions.
Red cube (for Judo)
Blue cube (for TKD, Karate, Kickboxing)
Green cube (points)

Awards and Certificates

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