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CD myocardial infarction
by Langemedia


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CD myocardial infarction by Langemedia

Dr. Hans Grünn

In Western industrialized countries of heart attack is the leading cause of death. 1 However, there are very effective preventive measures as well as to exclude the risk of heart attack. Even if you have already suffered a heart attack, you can make the disease process reverses these days. Dr. Hans Grünn is a highly topical overview of alternative therapies has developed a new holistic medicine for the prevention and healing of myocardial infarction. Body / spirit: The research discovered more and more how important the inner attitudes and other psychological factors. For it is only when your body and your mind work together harmoniously, your heart will stay healthy. This means that you learn to properly deal with your emotions and stress. Nutrition / Healthy lifestyle: fat and low cholesterol food, vitamins, minerals, fiber and many other nutrients play an equally important role as a healthy lifestyle.
Healing Journey: On the second CD takes you Dr. Hans Grünn an inner healing journey. In this case, your heart and the healing powers of your body by means of so-called. Visualizations and other effective techniques to be strengthened and supported.
This listening shows you new and promising ways to prevent and cure your sick heart back to the heart attack. No one is delivered to the heart attack helpless. It just depends on that you set the right course for your health now.

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