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Laser pointer with five design ...


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Laser pointer with five designs

Manufactured in Taiwan.

nerve techniques
by Abanico


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nerve techniques by Abanico

mit Suro Mike Inay und Guro Emanuel Hart

Mangisursuro Mike Inay exercised and taught the Philippine fight art Eskrima for over 30 years. He learned the Eskrima from the legendary Grand Masters Max Sarmiento and hinge of Cabales. Suro Inay received private lessons of GM Sarmiento from 1965 up to the death in the middle of the eighties. Suro Inay also got of GM Cabales from 1965 to 1977 private tuition. Suro Inay developed the program being available here into the knife defense for police and judicial officers. In addition, it had some far very much appearances in Law Enforcement Training Network (L.E.T.N.). Suro Mike Inay taught states of the USA worldwide and into much and had many hochgraduierte pupils who exercised under it and came onto its courses.

On this DVD Suro Mike Inay is supported by : Responsibly to Johan Skalberg, Sinawali, Dequerdas and Kadena de Mano Intructor for the Inaya system of Eskrima in Scandinavia, 4th Dan Arnis rot and Arnis 4. Dan rots, Peter Rutkowski.

Practical application of nerve ...
by VP-Masberg


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Practical application of nerve pressure and strokes by VP-Masberg

Erwin Pfeiffer

By Renshi Erwin Pfeiffer

The Ju-Jitsu and Hapkido master Erwin Pfeiffer shows in this educational film, along with champion Bernd cave, easy pain points that are applicable in self defense, on the basis of practical examples. The attack points chosen deliberately so, to consider several points in a defensive action. When the choice of the attacks, was sure that many different types of attacks are used.
The contents of the DVD offers for all martial arts and SV interested in diverse suggestions and usage ideas. Everyone should choose the techniques that are most appropriate for him, and with build your own defense in that. Perhaps one or the other is started, is further pain points to deal with.

Master Erwin Pfeiffer operates for more than 30 years of martial arts and has long been Very much engaged in nerve points of varying styles, such as the Japanese Kyusho and the Korean Kupso, so how many other martial arts, working with pain points. While he attaches great importance on real executable techniques, effectiveness and ensuring equity.

Grand Master Erwin Pfeiffer Renshi 6.Dan Ju-Jitsu, founder, and Kancho of Jacobs do defence system.

dvd dvds lehrmittel video videos selbstverteidigung nerventechniken pressure point points pressurepoints

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