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Karate suit kaiten REVOLUTION Europe plus

by Kaiten-Kamikaze

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Short Description

far cut karate suit made of 100% cotton, the fabric approximately 9.5 oz, available in sizes 140-210 cm, from size 160 in intermediate sizes available

Detail Description

Traditional all-round suit of top, sleeves up to just about the Handglenk, pant legs up to ankle height.

Form follows function!

A cut specifically for the Western body construction, which fits like a second skin, high convenience guaranteed and good looks! Also "strong" athletes have enough freedom of movement.

The high density tissue of the karate-GI 100% cotton specially developed for KAMIKAZE perfectly absorbs sweat, not spans and renders the moisture quickly.

The first choice for Karateka worldwide for training and competition.

The top GI with the red label!

Size selection in KAMIKAZE suits:
-Size + 5 cm at slim people
-Size + 10 cm when normal to strong people
-where appropriate, larger order for overweight individuals

(The suits in length approx. 4-8% entering, the distance hardly)

Pants with lace collar.

General information about the new REVOLUTION-LINE of brand kaiten:
We are pleased to present you the new kaiten Karategi REVOLUTION-LINE. On the basis of
our proven karate suits we have developed two revolutionary and modern cuts, in which
current demands on the optics unite with traditional values. At the same time, we have the
Revised comfort continue to improve - the material used and beyond their
Processing improves. Appearance and freedom of movement of our GIS should be in the future
individual ideas and body measurements of the customer as far as possible be adapted.
The new REGULAR-CUT is the suit for Karateka with normal up powerful physique. For very
powerful Karateka an extra wide cut - kaiten is available from autumn revolution plus -. He makes
by kaiten which known with its optics that freedom of movement with a perfect fit
Dynamics of the karate techniques is suited for. The pants are traditional in
by kaiten DrawString developed the laced.

For slim Karateka a figure-hugging cut favor, now the models are spirit and
Sovereign in a new SLIM-CUT available. Through our special design, these suits offer
full freedom of movement and best body feeling during the execution of karate techniques.

Enhanced features at a glance:

-The yellow 'R' which stands for 'Revolution' on the black kaiten brand logo is located
-The kick gusset of his pants was optimized (eliminates the known O leg problems of the old v-shaped pattern)
-The hose runs well straight down and achieved a better freedom of movement by optimizing the Karateka
-The jacket sleeves have been optimized which eliminates the problem of the wide bat sleeves
-The shoulders of the jacket was completed so that the upper arms are more closely
-The neck has been optimized (through the new round design of collar no longer is at the top)

OSS and have fun while training.


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item variants partly immediately available, others within 3-5 business days ex warehouse

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» 140 (approx. 1.1 kg) 116.25 € from 5.30 €*
» 150 (approx. 1.1 kg) 116.25 € from 5.30 €*
» 160 (approx. 1.1 kg) 116.25 € from 5.30 €*
» 165 (approx. 1.66 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 175 (approx. 1.82 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 180 (approx. 1.18 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 185 (approx. 1.96 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 190 (approx. 1.8 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 195 (approx. 2.1 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 200 (approx. 1.1 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 205 (approx. 1.1 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*
» 210 (approx. 1.1 kg) 133.47 € from 5.30 €*

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