47 Ronin Katana

by John Lee

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Short Description

Handle length approx .: 32.5 cm, blade length approx .: 72.0 cm, total length (without scabbard) approx .: 105.0 cm, weight (without scabbard) 1300 g
weight: approx. 3.06 kg

Detail Description

Product features include:

- Sharp, hand forged blade of 9260 carbon spring steel (not stainless), suitable for cutting tests (about 55 HRC).
- Blade in the Shobu-zukuri style.
- Handle of wood, with authentic ray skin inlay.
- Grip winding black leather classic Hineri Maki style.
- Black, high gloss lacquered wooden scabbard (Kuroro style) with degrees from (Kojiri, kurigata, Koiguchi) from buffalo horn.
- High-quality, two-colored sageo.
- Supplied in an attractive collector's box.
- Manufactured according to historical models.

Beginning of the 18th century were the two princes Kamei Korechika and Asano Naganori from Shogun commissioned to prepare a reception ceremony for the envoys of the emperor.

Dependence were the two on the corrupt ceremony champion Kira Kozuke who should teach in terms of courtly etiquette. This expected however this generous gifts and offerings. Unlike Kamei Asano refused this, whereupon he was from the ceremony master particularly ill-informed, insulted and provoked.

After some time of Erduldens Asano finally burst the collar and he attacked Kira with his knife. Although he was injured this only slightly, stood on this offense the death penalty and Asano committed seppuku, the ritual suicide.

Under Asano's followers there were 47 Samurai, which were by the death Ronin (masterless samurai). Although they knew that the blood revenge would mean the own death, she devised a plan to the ceremony master to murder. After months of preparation did you manage to finally break into Kira's property to execute him and then remove him on the head.

After they had laid his head down on Asano's grave, the Ronin revealed. Since they had avenged their master and thus acted within the code of honor of the samurai, the shogun allowed to commit suicide by seppuku, which they were not executed as ordinary criminals. This event is an outstanding example of the unconditional loyalty and fidelity of the samurai against their Lord.

The John Lee 47 Ronin Katana is designed to reflect the strength and loyalty of the masterless samurai.

Sold only to people from the age of 18!

In case of pruchase we are legally obliged to ask for an age verification. In Germany is neither a weapon license nor a weapons possession card for this product required. More information on weapons legislation you will find in our online-help.


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