Wakizashi Bokken 100_BO12

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Wakizashi Bokken 100_BO12

by Jean Fuentes

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Short Description

made of wood with winding handle, total length 80 cm
weight: approx. 0.47 kg

Detail Description

The Bokken is a practice weapon for the Japanese swordsmanship. This weapon was used primarily for sparring and kata practice. However, a bokken itself is an effective weapon in itself. In the hands of an experienced Kendo master, a Bokken be as accurate and devastating as an actual sword. In any case, a Bokken essential for training in most Japanese sword arts.

This is the latest type of bokken. Earlier Bokken the problem occurred that the hands slipped when they were sweaty, now this problem has been solved by a nylon winding around the handle of the Bokken. This addition is small, has changed many aspects of the Bokken. In practice, the close is given to real sword more.

Overall length: 80 cm
Material: Wood
including plastic Tsuba
Total weight: 470 g

Not suitable for hard contact (Parry and fight bokken against bokken). The article is only for training of traditional forms of movement (eg, Tai Chi Sports, Gymnastics, Kata ...) suitable without a partner or without contact.


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