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Short Description

Roller ball circumference about 22 cm, about 6 cm in diameter with a high fun factor in training of upper arm, forearm, wrist, grip strength, coordination
weight: approx. 0.3 kg

Detail Description

The original GyroTwister Xbeam ® is the exerciser that is addictive - in a positive sense: Because recent studies from Germany show that training with the GyroTwister grip strength improved significantly.
The forearms, upper arms and wrists are a fun and effective training.
The GyroTwister does not work like other training devices, with fixed weights, or springs, but by utilizing the centrifugal force principle.
Therefore, the force of GyroTwister is variable and adapts to the user at any time prior to training.
The generated centrifugal force at 10,000 rpm corresponding to 15 (!) Kg.

How does the Gyrotwister?

Imagine, you hold a glass with ice cubes at the opening in the hand and hurl them now on the outside along.

The GyroTwister works without battery! He is taken by the user by pure muscle power to speed. Inside the unit there is an approx 200gr heavier rotor, the heart of the GyroTwister. Once this is set in motion, a rotational impulse is created around the axis. How such angular momentum effect, each cyclist is known. Putting on a stationary bicycle, he falls over. But the faster you go, the more stable it is. For the steering movement therefore with increasing speed more force must be applied.

Similarly, the rotor builds inside the GyroTwister a stability that by the moment of inertia (the flywheel is about 2cm away from the axis), and the rotation speed is caused. The user now tries to tilt the rotor and thus the rotational axis side and exerts a torque on the rotor. The gyroscope reacts to this with a counter-movement, he wants to sit up again. This force is called "precession".

The counter-movement is much stronger than you might think at first glance.
The principle of precession should be familiar to anyone who has ever rolled a car or bicycle tires on the road. This runs straight first, then tilts to the left or right away and then directed right back to more weiterzutaumeln few turns.

In contrast to the tire is rolled along the road of the rotor within the GyroTwister However, in a circular guide.

He can therefore not fully erect, but the precession is channeled from the guide. The only "way out" for the rotor, therefore, is within the guide "roll away" and to increase the speed of the rotor.

In the meantime, however, the user already tipped the housing about a quarter turn and the rotor precesses further. This process continues constantly. The energy that is spent by a user in implemented in increasing rotational speeds of the rotor.

It is possible to accelerate the rotor up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, with the rotor caused by centrifugal forces, the amount to 75 times the inherent weight of the rotor, or 15 (?) Kg. When the rotor is no longer moved by the user, stored in the rotational energy is consumed by friction again.

Each GyroTwister is of course comes with GyroGrip band. This runs around the GyroTwister rubber band ensures that the GyroTwister better in the hand, especially when you get sweaty hands during use.

Scope of delivery:
The GyroTwister Classic and the GyroTwister Xbeam is equipped with a GyroGrip band for better grip adhesion in the high speed range. Each GyroTwister is a second starting cord (if the first is lost), a 12-page instructional booklet with training tips is also available in multiple languages. A 5 minute instructional video can be viewed as freeware on the website. This video is an entry for the user GyroTwister Classic or the GyroTwister Xbeam. Showing some exercises, as well as some things you should never do with his GyroTwister. So should we move the GyroTwister only coordinated, so no rattling can be heard, we must never oil it, as it was in the guide can not roll otherwise, but would slip. It is also important to pull the starting cord in such an angle from the unit that he NOT rub on the housing! Otherwise, the end of the thread is starting to tear. Warning, not suitable for children under 14 years


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