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total length: 100 cm, handle length: 28,5 cm, weight without scabbard: 1110 g, total weight: 1370 g
weight: approx. 2 kg

Detail Description

Good swords there are many, perfection, however rare. Samurai swords made by Citadel among the best available to buy -next a real Nihonto- on the market. Perfection without "if" and "but" down to the smallest detail. Each sword is completely made by hand. Each participating artisans is a master of his craft. The production of such a work of art takes up to three months and makes each piece unique.

Many samurai swords from mass production, only one strip Same (ray skin) is often glued to each page. In the Citadel complete handle is surrounded by the highest quality ray skin. The winding handle (Ito), made from the finest Japanese silk, is tight in Hineri Maki - fitted style. The strands of the nodes intersect it mutually. Underlaid is the winding (Tsuka Maki) of traditional, folded paper triangles, called Hishigami. The flat-shaped handle (Tsuka) was adjusted 100% to the Angel. A bamboo pen (Mekugi) holds handle and Angel together. As with the historical originals this is conical.

Butt end (Kashira) and grip ferrule (fuchi) are made of iron, covered with simple, but elegant, high-gloss black lacquer. Also iron is the tsuba, which was not cast but made by hand. Ornamental rate (Menuki) with silver plated bronze offer a nice contrast to the dark winding handle (Tsuka-Maki) and underline the graceful picture.

Both the handle (Tsuka), as well as the vagina (Saya) Jakwood dried was used.

In addition to the excellent strength properties, it is also because of its low acid fraction, since it does not damage the blade. Was painted the vagina in matte black, in so
mentioned Ishime style. Vaginal opening (Koiguchi), eye (kurigata) and vaginal degree (Kojiri) are made of water buffalo horn and were adapted in most elaborate handwork. The scabbard (saya) is made individually for each blade individually and ensures absolute fit. With light pressure allows the blade detached from the vagina, but it certainly holds otherwise.

The blade is made of 1075 carbon steel (not stainless). Under traditional Lehmbestrich this was differentiated to 60 HRC on the edge and about 40 HRC hardened at the back of the blade. Directly onto the blade, the blade collar (habaki) was forged. Only then is it possible to guarantee a perfect fit. Through the skills of the polisher the masterful work of the blacksmith comes fully to bear. A mirror-polished surface, as well as a clearly recognizable temper line (hamon) are the result.

As each sword is unique, dimensions and weight may vary. Delivery without sword stand.

Made in Cambodia.

Sold only to people from the age of 18!

In case of pruchase we are legally obliged to ask for an age verification. In Germany is neither a weapon license nor a weapons possession card for this product required. More information on weapons legislation you will find in our online-help.


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