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Capoeira - Kampfkunst und Tanz ...


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Capoeira - Kampfkunst und Tanz aus Brasilien

Nestor Capoeira

Martial arts and dance from Brazil capoeira... the extraordinary martial arts from Brazil is also in Europe interest. Capoeira, at the same time self-defense, dance, and folklore, fascinated by artistic movement to rhythmic music. This book describes how to stunning techniques of capoeira, her excellent body school and the particular philosophy of this martial art in detail. It also tells of the self-defense of the slaves three hundred years ago until today and is a symbolic part of Brazilian culture.



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Ponciano Almeida

Breathtaking acrobatics and body control, dance fl smooth movement, music and groups feeling make a unique martial art capoeira. Almeida, known as Mestre Poncianinho, teaches and learns this art for more than 20 years. He describes everything that is important in this vividly written and with easily comprehensible step-for-step sequences: traditions, techniques and fundamentals.

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