Martial arts mat Professional Double, 2 cm thick

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Martial arts mat Professional Double, 2 cm thick

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Short Description

2 color reversible mat in black-red stock, with toothed edges, dimensions 100 x 100 x 2 cm. A mat comes standard with two trim pieces included, but can not be ordered separately.
weight: approx. 2.5 kg

Detail Description

It is a reversible mat, so this mat there is no front or back, it is used on both sides and provided with a rice-straw pattern / rice straw pattern. The martial arts mat with serrated edge from porenversiegeltem Vollschaumstoff is only in the color combination red and blue available, for the manufacture of a desired color training area. Shock-absorbing, durable foam material, closed-, therefore, fully washable and waterproof

particularly suitable for sports areas in the hobby and professional sector:

The mat is compatible with our Martial Arts Mat PROFESSIONAL KT with the article 551,274th

Other information about this item:

With the purchase of our martial arts mats you have chosen a quality product that will assist in proper use and care of long good service is. Please read the following notes, the only way to ensure that you receive the full benefits of the product:

1.Laying / storage / usage:
pack the mats out of the box and remove First, carefully remove the trailing edge pieces. Make sure to mat and edge pieces on the gear up or press down from the teeth and not simply pull off obliquely, so that the pitch is not damaged. Lay the mats on your desktop. The surface must be flat and smooth. After you have made of the mats, the main area you can possibly fit on the edge mats cut with a sharp knife. IMPORTANT: The mats need to be moved freely on the surface and not glued, screwed or otherwise fastened to the floor. Since the mats are made of foam, which can be stretched during use and at temperature differences, the mat must always have a round stretching distance from walls or frames. If the strain is not sufficient distance later and bear the mats through the stretch of wall or enclosure, the mesh surface is reworked at the edge with a sharp knife and create a new stretching distance. Then you add on edges, where the teeth exposed one, nor the right edge pieces. In order for a smooth completion of the surface is achieved. For technical reasons, the edge pieces 1-2 cm too long. This projection is easy with a sharp knife to remove. Since the mats over their lifetime will be a bit larger, it may be that newly purchased land to be cultivated, not fit so well. This is for technical reasons and normal, please note! When dismantling the plane away careful and carefully to avoid damage to the teeth. bend during transport or storage, or even roll up the mats not only store flat lying. Do not leave for a long time heavy on the mat surface, the mesh material expressed an otherwise permanent. Pointed or sharp-edged objects can damage the mat. Work out, therefore, barefoot or in appropriate training shoes and do not use on shoes with heels.

second Cleaning:
the mats regularly can be cleaned with lukewarm water. If necessary, you can add a specially developed cleaning the cleaning water. Please only after dosing instructions, as this may damage the surface of the mats.


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