Letter and gift certificates in card design fireworks

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Letter and gift certificates in card design fireworks

by Budoten

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Short Description

Format 9x15 cm, glossy printing. Representative, easy, convenient, and always fitting. The gift that always arrives. Customizable through freely selectable text.

Detail Description

With our gift certificates you can be sure that the person gets exactly what he wants - he may in fact themselves. For all gift certificates you can write a individual text, who will be printed on the gift certificate. To give your gift a very special and personal touch. We recommend to make sure that the text is about the size of the model corresponds (up to 6 lines of text with 35 characters = max. 200 characters in total). The black printed text on the back of the gift certificate is freely adjustable. Please enter the text you want in the comments section during the ordering process. If you have several gift certificates to order, please add any text before the order of the corresponding certificate. On request, we send the gift certificate directly. You have the option of using a different delivery address or you can hand over the gift certificate personally.


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