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Dan beam embroidery

by Budoten

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Short Description

The Danbalkenbestickung is embroidered in approx. 5.0 mm high and 30 mm wide on the belt, leaving an edge of the belt by approx. 5 mm Kanon and right.

Detail Description

A Danbalkenstrich is approx. 5.0 mm thick and is individually adjusted to the width of the belt, so that a Danbalken is approx. 3 cm long with an approx. 4 cm wide belt and approx. 5.0 mm wide. On request we can check also how we can make your Danbalken individually (wide/thin).

We have always supported the embroidery with Dan bar on the belts. Like, we're ready to add later more Dan bar on your submitted belt.

Please note that under certain circumstances the embroidery with our standard colors is possible and we must use a colour of choice at an additional cost. Finally, the new Dan bar of even the color of your previous Dan bar should correspond to

Please select the number of the desired Dan beam. Price = price per Dan beam.
Optionen für Text-Bestickungen



Geeignete Stick-Textilien finden Sie hier. Wenn Sie noch Fragen haben, beraten wir Sie natürlich gern.


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» 6th Dan (approx. 0.005 kg) 7.65 € from 31.10 €*
» 7th Dan (approx. 0.005 kg) 8.86 € from 31.10 €*
» 8th Dan (approx. 0.005 kg) 10.09 € from 31.10 €*
» 9th Dan (approx. 0.005 kg) 11.32 € from 31.10 €*
» 10th Dan (approx. 0.005 kg) 12.54 € from 31.10 €*

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  • ID# 1475576820
    publishedby Dirk Krause

    Saubere Arbeit!
    Ich habe mir einen Dan-Balken auf beide Enden eines neuen Gürtels sticken lassen.

    Die Balkenbreite, die Farbe und auch die Angaben über die exakte Position des Balkens wurden komplett und auf den Millimeter genau eingehalten.

    Auch der Kontakt und die Hinweise / Tipps durch den Kundenservice waren hervorragend.

    Ich bin begeistert! read more ...

  • ID# 1326823312
    publishedby Dogan

    War gut, nach meiner Vorstellung. read more ...

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