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Norrsken Damask
by Karesuando


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Norrsken Damask by Karesuando

Precious, valuable and thoroughly Nordic - this is the Norrsken Damask Karesuando.

The blade is made from stainless Damasteel from Sweden, which is not only to look extraordinarily beautiful, but its validity is in use for many years steadfastly demonstrated.

Norrsken is Swedish and means "northern lights" or "aurora", so says the Aurora Borealis. The aurora is created in the sky over the magnetic poles of the earth by electrically charged particles, driven by solar winds hitting the Earth's atmosphere and so let the incomparable play of color occur in the night polar sky.

The Norrsken Damask is made of Damasteel exclusively for Karesuando, and its pattern is inspired by the veils, the arc-shaped and multicolored looming in the night sky.

The handle is made of curly birch and reindeer horn and with a small horn plaque embedded in the wood.

The delivery takes place in a box with reindeer fur lining and a leather sheath with plastic insert.

Lantalainen Damascus
by Karesuando


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Lantalainen Damascus by Karesuando

Preferred from Sweden produced powder metallurgically and characterized not only by its beautiful grain, but also by the atypical for Damascus Steel corrosion resistance which makes the Lantalainen Damascus not only an exquisite collector's item, but also to a quality utility knife.

With the pattern "Thor" preferred has outdone themselves however. The fascinating location history creates an incredibly complex pattern reminiscent of flickering flames, which is unparalleled in the broadcast.

The dark-stained handle made of curly birch joins an intermediate piece of reindeer horn, which is concluded by the hand guard made from brass.

The Lantalainen is provided with puncture protection and classical belt loop damask in a casket with a deposit from real reindeer fur and with a leather sheath.

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