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Shinpo Matayoshi

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DVD in English (without English knowledge easy to understand), total running time: 60 minutes
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Shinpo Matayoshi of 10th Dan Grandmaster

Shinpo Matayoshi, firstborn son of Shinko, former President, the Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei (Kobudo Association Okinawa), was considered one of the greatest experts in the Kobudo. In his family A few techniques have spread for at least 400 years from the father to the son.
He was born on December 27, 1921 on Okinawa in a prestigious and noble family and started training martial arts under his father's tutelage. At that time, Shinko Matayoshi taught in three different dojos in KADENA and Chatan Naha. He attended the Dojo in Naha at the age of 4 years and watched his father's students at the training - at the age of 7, he was 5 kata. in 1928, he became student of karate from Chotoku Kyan sensei (SHURI-te, Tomari-te). Then go Genki Sensei, a naturalized Japanese has taught him, in the style of White crane of Fujian (1938). Next, he studied the Goju style at Seiko Higa Sensei, the oldest disciples of the founder of this style, Miyagi Miyagi Sensei. between 1957 and 1959 he taught in Nagasaki.

In 1960, he taught Kobudo in Higa Sensei Dojo, also A few selected students in Kingairyu. This method, in the old style of kata and their application to teach, without graduation or belt, ended in 1970.

in 1970, Shinpo founded the Kobudo Association (Ryukyu Kobudo Renmei), that focusing on the body and mind of the perpetrator, favored the development of true moral values with an Orthodox methodology. So, the authentic Kobudo in the world is taught on the way across Okinawa and Japan.

in 1972 his school was recognized by the Japanese Government under the name Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei. As a single Okinawaner and single Kobudo Sensei Okinawa he joined the Dai Nippon Butokukai, the Association of the Japanese martial arts master, who presides from time immemorial, a member of the imperial family. 1987 awarded him his Imperial Highness Higashi Fushimi Manalili, President of Dai Nippon Botokukai, the 10th Dan Hanshi.

Until shortly before his death on September 7, 1997 he taught in his Dojo in Naha (the Kodokan) and practiced daily Kobudo, participated often travel, which Nippon Butokukai broadened by the Dai, to spread the martial arts around the world. His students dispersed the technology programme, which was set by the family Matayoshi, to convey throughout the world, to not Japanese the authentic Okinawa Kobudo under.

This instructional DVD has the following content:
-Introduction and history
-Snake style
-Monkey Fist
-Bo katas
-Sansetsukon (3-sectional stock) kata
-Sai kata
-Nunti kata
-Tonfa kata
-Timpei kata
-Eku kata
-Nunchaku kata
-Kama kata
-Suruchin kata
-White crane kata
-Bo fighting techniques to the partner
-Kendo fighting techniques
-Kimpei against Bo fighting techniques
-EKU against Bo fighting techniques
-Kuwa to EKU
-3 sectional stick against Bo
-Jason against Bo

In English (easy without knowledge of English to understand).

60 minutes


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