3 Street boxing self defense DVD gift set

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3 Street boxing self defense DVD gift set

Robert Paturel

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Short Description

DVD-set of 3, total run time: 198 minutes in the languages English, French, German, Spanish to the select
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Detail Description

DVD 1-80 min:

Street boxes vol. 1

Defend yourself in any situation!

By master Robert Paturel

After 35 years in the rings and dojos, I tried to formalize a fighting method adapted for the street feet fists. I'm from the French boxing. In this discipline, I was 6 times French champion and European champion in 1984. I have a degree of BEES2.

After I practiced all forms of boxing struggle A little bit, I began to be interested in me for the rest and especially for the defence methods against weapons. The techniques are executed in civilian clothes, with a pair of jeans, the man has not A lot of movement, because I wanted to go in a real situation.

This film shows how one can stop powerful blows with the arms or legs, how to keep a safe distance, how you positioned at several Genern and changes its position. In particular, you are shown also security principles which help you to protect yourself.

Boxers are here without a doubt in the advantage over people who don't fight, but the Boxer must change its basic position. Also he should think that he is fighting with bare fists and he thus can embark in a position adverse to him, if he keeps his hands close to the face, because that can lead to injury, if he receives hits. When it strikes with the fist in the face of an attacker, then this can be seriously injured and also you can break down her hand, when hand meets the skull (because the hand is weak).

It is better to use a foot protected by a solid shot. At this point we point out Once again that in self-defense, the counterattack is allowed, but that this must be proportional aggression.

This great teaching DVD has the following content:
-Street fighting
-Defense techniques
-Correct safety distance
-Movement and block techniques
-Defense against multiple opponents
-Defence against Saleh
-Direct counterattack against kicks
-Liberation techniques against fixed handle
-Take the legs
-Street self defense

DVD 2-60 mins:

Street boxes vol. 2

Self defense weapons

By master Robert Paturel and Eric Quequet

Robert Paturel (20 years in the RAID as staff and trainers worked) and Eric Quequet (several years in the protection of the President) have in common that they know the terrain, and have experience in the martial arts in all its forms. But they also have the experience of highly qualified teaching in various disciplines. These two experts share the same passion for the martial arts and their cooperation in the framework of the ADAC (Academy of martial arts) has resulted in a concrete and plain work: simplicity, efficiency, and reality.

In this second volume dealing with the defense against weapons (knives and stock), Eric Quequet and Robert Paturel explain in detail the difficulties that are encountered in these kinds of situations.
See also the possibilities to escape the attack, if you can't or is his own life or the others in danger.

The techniques were shot on the street and in street clothes (in places of everyday life: Garden, garage, car, leaving the House...) They are relatively simple, but require a serious exercise, so that they can be applied in a real situation.

DVD 3-58 min:

Defense on the road

Learn, understand, apply

By master Rudy & Robert Paturel

In this DVD, you learn how you... can defend themselves with a stick, an umbrella, a magazine, a broom, a CAP, with all that you can use to protect themselves during an attack. Robert Paturel presents you with a pragmatic method, with a blunt efficiency, with techniques of different styles that have been proven in real-life situations.

These techniques were filmed from multiple angles and are presented first in real speed, then slow motion, to allow a perfect understanding.

Robert Paturel:
After more than 20 years in the ring, where he himself has always interested in self defense, Robert Paturel worked for 20 years in the forces of the State Police (RAID and GIPN). Was enables him, in addition to the usage to act as instructors. As instructor, and later as a negotiator, he was sent to the whole world, to train forces with the French methods (the Philippines, Salvador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Hungary, Serbia, Lebanon, etc...).
Strengthened by permanent encounters (Charles Joussot, Dan Inosanto, Lee Kwan Young...), he taught today on the occasion of many different courses: stress - and conflict management, negotiation, protection at a short distance, shooting, tonfa, telescopic stock, GTPI, boxes, self defense, tactical secure transportation, awareness-raising in the area of weapons.


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