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DVD-set of 3, total running time: 75 minutes in the languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian to the select
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Detail Description

DVD 1-108 min:

By master
Alain Formaggio
Jean-Michel Lerho
MO del PIA
Alexandre Van der Linden
Ciro Lenti
Stephanie Dumont

The youngest of all international organisations, the World Krav Maga Federation (WKMF), was founded by Alessandro del Pia (Italy), its current President. In 2006, he offered the position of technical director Alain Formaggio (France). This in turn suggested Jean-Michel Lehro (Belgium) to the post of the Deputy Technical Director.
It is a trade association consisting police officers, gendarmes and military in the majority of his trainer out, belong to the special forces of all Member countries and have a wide experience of operation and training. The WKMF is a politically and religiously independent association and is constantly in a technical advancement, moving more and more towards reality. It uses the experience experienced in operations, to change techniques, to simplify, to make, without alienating the principles of Krav Maga but effective. Meet the experts of the World Krav Maga Federation, in this video: Alain Formaggio, Jean-Michel Lehro, Alessandro Del Pia, Alexander Van der Linden, Ciro Lenti, and Stephanie Dumont... in action!

The techniques were filmed from different angles, in situations, in simulated attacks on the street and in real speed. Then they are in slow motion Once again try and commented by the technical director.
More than 80 aggression (handles, bars, clutches, punches and kicks, threats and attacks with knives, sticks, clubs, threats with a gun, defenses against two attackers, defenses third...) are treated together with their solutions in self-defence: simple, effective, fast, explosive!
Krav Maga in real-life situations... By experts!

DVD 2-46 min:

Krav Maga Poker Tour vol. 1 self defense

By Alain Formaggio, Alessandro del PIA, Jean-Michel Lerho, Ciro Lenti & Claudio Parmelli

In four days, the final of a large poker tournament is Instead of. The problem: the boss, a prominent personality in the underworld, takes part therein and firmly believes in eliminating his competition. He sends his best men, to give the other finalists out of the way, but he is not expected to, that they control the self defense as well as radical techniques of all kinds...

This instructional video in scene can discover a different kind of learning: an explosive cocktail full of humor, originality, but of all full of extremely effective techniques that can be used in self defense and run by internationally renowned specialists.

Defense against bars, grips, blows with feet and fists, knives, sticks, guns, against multiple attackers, as well as throwing techniques will be presented you by the following authors:

Alain Formaggio (France): Global technical manager of the World Krav Maga Federation. Worldwide technical director of the International Association of law enforcement and technician of security. Co-founder of Close Combat operational system.

Alessandro del Pia (Italy): President of the World Krav Maga Federation and Technical Director of Italy. Coordinator Europe Kapap IKA.

Jean-Michel Lerho (Belgium): Technical Director Europe of the World Krav Maga Federation and co-founder of Close Combat operational system.

Ciro Lenti (Italy): Deputy Technical Director Italy of the World Krav Maga Federation.

Claudio Parmelli (Italy): Regional technical manager Italy for the World Krav Maga Federation. High grades in judo and Ju-Jitsu.

DVD 3-75 min:

Krav Maga combat explosive fighting techniques

By master
Jean-Michel Lerho
Alexandre Van der Linden

The techniques presented in this DVD are part of a program of the levels of the Brown and black belt, where the aspect of the defence fight is developed.
Krav Maga is essentially based on two pillars: self defense and fighting. In an attack they could not neutralize the attacker with the first defense motion †it will come to fight. You do not have (and there were rudimentary) combat skills, then you lose the benefit and you risk serious consequences.
For this reason, it is important to master both aspects. The target of our work it can To give the one without the other.


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