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What our customers say

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Dr. Johannes F. (Oberpullendorf, Austria), May 2002

Super! The pictures to the item never let you feel like buying a pig in a poke. Pleasant difference to several competitors.

Dominik D. (Hannover, Germany), April 2002

First I would like to do apologize, that I didn't send the confirmation, but a small technical error kicked me out unfortunately. I would like to notice that I was very much pleased about your view of customer care (in positive sense). You have me and probably much more other customers helped very much with the new search function.

Note of the editor: An inquiry of this customer we took occasion to install our Power-Search-Function (enhanced search).

Peter R. (Dresden, Germany) April 2002

Thanks a lot for the quick and detailed answer. I will now study your supply carefullyand will then make that decision, what I will order first. By chance, I came upon your internet sites and also first stuck a whole while there. I can only say: Big praise for the variety and the clear layout!

Eric B. (Zürich, Switzerland), March 2002

I got the order on Friday. I already must say that the relation between price and performance is really good. Again thanks.

Lothar S. (Rheine, Germany), March 2002

Thanks a lot for the fast delivery. The material and the workmanship is excellent.

L. W. (Germany), March 2002

Hello budo-team. I neither want to suggest nor to critizise something. I only want to say that your shop excellent. The range of goods is phenomenal! A big praise! Go on.

Andreas K. (Germany), March 2002

Thank you, that we could solve everything so fast and without problems. Of course I will ordering with you in the future too.

Timo R. (Heidelberg, Germany), February 2002

I would like to praise your outstanding service and to thank you for the fast answers on my inquiries.

Ronald B. (Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany), February 2002

A neighbor had ordered something from you over my link about 1 week ago and told me that he is very content with your service.

Julian D. (Bonn, Germany), February 2002

Thank you for the fast delivery of my order! And still a big praise to the webmaster. The pages are shown fast and the layout is very user-friendly. To my knowledge no other German martial arts supplier surpasses your supply.

Schl. (Erlangen, Germany), February 2002

Nice, that I've found your shop. If the delivery should correspond to my ideas, I will recommend you in our dojo of course...

San M. (Germany), February 2002

You site is great structured and very clear. I like it... Unfortunately, the old one I have never seen.

Johann O. (Hafernach, Austria), February 2002

I would like to thank you for the delivery from Friday, February 8. The quality of your products really is very good.

Ralf W. (Alzenau, Germany), February 2002

Well done website. clear, informativ, simple to use. So it should be and so it is.

Jürgen S. (Germany), January 2002

I've found your shop by a recommendation of a friend. Your offer of the handmade samurai swords is very interesting.

Stephan H. (Dillenburg, Germany), January 2002

Your service is very good.

Z.-S. (Meuro , Germany), January 2002

I like your website very much. But first of all the clearness and the big supply.

Florian K. (Frankfurt/M., Germany), January 2002

I only wanted to thank for the quick delivery of Bokken-Daito.

Gregor E. (Simbach, Germany), January 2002

Great site, even better choice: I was already surfing long hours through your homepage.

Eric B. (Zürich, Switzerland), January 2002

So far I liked your service very much and I probably will not have bought the last time with you.

Michael K. (Germering, Germany), January 2002

Great, this was the fastest answer I've ever gotten! The competitors can take a leaf out of your book! Fantastic Service ;-).

Anm. d. Red. Anfrage: 11.42 Uhr, Antwort 11.52 - hier haben wir uns wirklich selbst übertroffen.

Nikolas O. (Herbern, Germany), December 2001

I couldn't it believe it, when I have received my order yesterda. The delivery took place without any problems and as fast as I didn't expect. I will recommend you surely!

Andreas L. (München, Germany), December 2001

Thank a lot for your quick and friendly answer. Unfortunately, this is very rare today.

Sebastian R. (Hannover, Germany), December 2001

Very good supply. Great!

Rüdiger K. (Bremen, Germany), December 2001

Altogether good impression, however the area of the articles should not be selectable with a hit selection with many articles but also two fields with previous and next group. This would make it easier to browse through your goods.

Dieter H. (Dolgelin, Germany), December 2001

I'll take my hat off, well done site, very clearly constructed and by the search function I have finally found the the matching gift for my son.

Gabriele B. (Werne, Germany), December 2001

The Shop is clear and very diverse. Well done.

Frank S. (Friedrichsdorf, Germany), November 2001

Evaluation of your home page: The side is very good from the content: I could immediately check which suit size I need with 1,92m heights how long the belt must be.... the shopping cart can be called and processed simply and there are still detail information to almost all articles.

Gabimarie C. (Berlin, Germany), November 2001

Thank you for the obliging customer care!

Thonas S. (Altenmarkt, Germany), November 2001

You have remade your shop great and a lot of new goods, go on!

Andrea K. (Hagen, Germany), November 2001

Hallo, I'm a new customer. Your supply is great!

Moto G. (Germany), November 2001

The site is good made, but when visiting first time a little bit confusing. I would use for special offers and new goods. Especially the main menue with the different martial arts ist very good. Go on!

M. Kreth (Germany), November 2001

I think your side offers a rather good and above all easy access for the user.... The individual articles are shown quickly, and with the search-field, one can "search" easily and clearly find the desired goods.
Only the layout seems to need a little improvement. A little bit mor colour please! :( However, excellent job! Congratulations!

Yvonne H. (Freising, Germany), October2001

You are asking for my thoughts to your shop: It's great! I was rummaging through your sites for about 90 minutes - your shop is clear, the server gives quick responses and your assortement fantastic! One likes to shop there - and shops of other branches should take it as an good example. Much success wishes Yvonne H., Freising

Stephan H. (Dillenburg, Germany), October2001

I will surely soon order something. I like your assortement and the quick mail to my order-cancel shows a good service. Thanks a lot. Stephan

Peter L. (Sinzing, Germany), October2001

I would like to do apologize for my impatience. Thank you too for your reliable customer-service and the quick dispatch. Seeing forward further orders at you...

Tim F. (Germany), October2001

Thanks. Till now a very good service.

Björn H. (Germany), October2001

First of all thanks for the nice information about the dispatch of my product. It is incredibly that it turned so fast. I have made more negative experiences with the competition.

Lennart K. (Germany), September 2001

Vielen Dank für die sofortige Antwort und den guten Service. Ich dachte schon, dass es zu spät für diese Umstellung sei, aber das es noch möglich ist begrüsse ich sehr. Nun freue ich mich auf die Lieferung und wünsche noch ein schönes Wochenende.

John D. M. (Bremen, Germany), August 2001

Very good page! Clearly structured, fair prices. Regards

Patrick T. (Berneck, Switzerland), August 2001

For a long time I have had been looking for something ... ., I have found it finally in your shop. You have a large supply and good prices! Really super - carry on!

Jörn M. (Berg, Germany) July 2001

I find the layout very excellent and I was surprised how much has done with you since the last visit. The page is structured and subdivided clearly and the search function almost finds everything. Also, till now, the delivery worked very well and I hope that of course this will remain.

Jörg S. (Frankfurt, Germany), June 2001

I like your new home page much better than the old one -- one finds the way fundamentally better (very good clarity) and can look faster at the desired item. In addition, more detailed photos of the products are available, I have noticed this particularly positively at the weapons!

Martin E. (Landshut, Germany), June 2001

First I wanted to express a large praise that there is such a shop in Germany. I was looking for already long time, but I found only foreign Web sites but was not quite content with them.

Eduard B. (Puschendorf, Germany), June 2001

I consider your offer concerning the prices as well as the quick dispatch extradition very very well. The transportation costs are also very acceptable ... However, I still would like to confirm to you that you price performance and professionalism isn't this to outbid.

Claude (A. Strasbourg, France), June 2001


Lena W. (Germany), June 2001

You have succeeded in your new Web site fantastically much more openly than the old Site!

Jörg S. (Frankfurt, Germany), April 2001

Many thanks for your quick answer! This I'm calling service -- I will recommend you and I'll place soon an order too.

Marc C. (Aachen, Germany), April 2001

I have got the Tachi sent by you today. I am very satisfied with the product and thank you for the uncomplicated adjustment of the order.

Adam K. (Dillingen, Germany), April 2001

I am satisfied with the product which you have sent me. In addition, I haven't expected the things to be so fast there.

Daniel G. (Dormagen, Germany), March 2001

Thank you for the quick and qualitative convincing delivery of the items ordered by me.

Jörg R. (Bremen, Germany), March 2001

First I would like to praise your excellent e-mail services. Quick, taken seriousness and solved. Very good!

Philipp Sebastian F. (Rothenburg a.d.F., Germany), March 2001

Few minutes ago I have mailed my order to you. Everything went perfect. I congratulate you on this terrific page! it is clear and quick. Your service is also always quick, correct and kind.

Matthias M. (Springe, Germany), March 2001

Last month I have ordered some Jiu Jitsu suits and I was extremely satisfied both with the price and with the quality.

Kerstin K. (Essen, Germany), March 2001

In any case a pity that I have discovered you too late but I will recommend you. The supply is class!

Klaus K. (Großkarlbach, Germany), January 2001

Never before I have found at an online-shop such an excellent and quick service.

Alexander B. (Chemnitz, Germany), August 2000

I would like to thank you the quick and correct handling!