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Katana Practical Seigi, Art.Nr. 652048

a product of Jean Fuentes


warranty: 24 month

withdrawal, return, exchange: 14 days



product details:

made from 1045 carbon steel, blade length of 71.75 cm, total length 104 cm

Here you will find the handforged katana Seigi, the blade of the sword was made of differentially tempered 1045 carbon steel. The Hamon of the sword is sharpened. The blade has a blood groove and is sharpened. This katana can be used for cutting exercises.

- Blade: differentially hardened 1045 carbon steel
- Saya: The Saya is made of hard wood with a high gloss finish, the Koiguchi is from bull horn. The sageo is made of black cotton.
- Tsuka: The Tsuba is made of iron. The Nakago is secured by two smoked bamboo Mekugis under control. The handle is covered with imitation ray skin. - Seppa: Iron
- Total length: 104 cm
- Blade Length: 71.75 cm
- Hardness blade: 58 HRC
- Shinogi hardness: HRC 45
- Blade width: 4.5 cm
- Blade thickness: 0.71 cm
- Blade: sharpened
- Hamon ground
- Tsuka Length: 27 cm
- Total weight Katana: 1170g
- Weight without Saya: 190 g
- Seppa Material: Iron
- Ito Material: Cotton
- Can be used for cutting exercises
- Manufacturer: Onikiri

For details on the Tsuka or Menuki are very easy to see the detail photos. Definitions around the noble swords, see About.

Included in delivery: Katana, scabbard (saya), cloth sword bag and handwritten certificate of authenticity.

weight: approx. 1.17 kg

Sold only to persons over 18 years!


price information
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€ 108.90

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