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Chain-Mail, Art.Nr. 602279


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Natural height, galvanized steel rings, outside diameter approx. 12 mm

In the beginning was the eternally young dream of mankind, the inviolability of the body. Especially, we are reminded when reading the old sagas, such as for example of the nibelungenlied. The young hero Siegfried bathed for the protection of the body in the blood of the Dragon, and obtained an inviolable cornea that protected him in the battle against injury, until on the LAN, which fell in the bath at his body.

Weapons and protective parts are as old as humanity itself. Designed for hunting for food procurement, as well as to defend against enemies. Each new development of weapons, the Flint hammer at the beginning of the weapons from bronze to the iron sword of the middle ages, brought also an evolution of protective clothing with it, found your accomplishment in the entire armor in the 15th and 16th centuries. The shield, which had a wooden substructure with a Reed -, fur - and leather upholstery in the development first, before it was then made of metal was one of the first parts of the protection undoubtedly. For the body, we already know the scale armour consisting of small metal plates which were tied together from the time from about 1500 BC. The first helmets were leather, in the subsequent period of bronze and later iron.

The chainmail (the breastplate) is known in approaches already from the ancient times and evolved over the Celtic and Germanic - Viking age as a particularly esteemed body protection, which often held a sword blow. The chain mail has the advantage that it adapts to the body over a normal chest armor. Thus, you could sit comfortably on the horse. Therefore, the Hauberk had side vents. About 20,000 rings were processed at a chain mail. It is judged that only wealthy fighter could afford such body protection. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the sleeves were longer and included gloves. The chainmail could provide no sufficient protection against crossbow bullets and beatings with lances. The chains shirts had no chance against the upcoming firearms. Making a chain shirt takes around 11 to 12 working days.

Manufactured in India.

weight: approx. 12 kg


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