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Foot protection in grey and black with Tythes ash, Art.Nr. 551960

a product of PHOENIX

A quality product by PHOENIX ®


warranty: 24 month

withdrawal, return, exchange: 14 days



product details:

black faux leather material in sizes XS and XXL

Foot protection in beautiful 2-color appearance, grey black.

Made from durable synthetic leather material with velcro closure

Instead of the usual toe loops, this model has a "tithe ash" which at the base securely holds the protector and is very comfortable.


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€ 42.37
€ 42.37
€ 42.37
€ 42.37
€ 42.37
€ 42.37

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phone +49 (0) 3533 519510
fax +49 (0) 3533 4890585

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