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3 Krav Maga self defense DVD gift set, Art.Nr. 2086313


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Alain Formaggio

DVD-set of 3, total running time: 230 minutes in the languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian to the select

DVD 1-125 min:

Self defense on the road

Road techniques & professional self defense in real-life situations

Over 150 simple and effective techniques!

By master Alain Formaggio

Alain Fomaggio is an internationally recognized self-defense instructor.

This great teaching DVD has the following content:
-Defence against Pack grips
-Defence against touching on the wrists
-Defence against gagging from the front
-Defense against choking from behind
-Defence against punches
-Defence against kicks
-Defence against knife attacks
-Defence against stick attacks
-Defence against firearms
-Self defense in a bar
-Self defense on the road

DVD 2-53 min:

Krav Maga self defense street fighting

By master Alain Formaggio

Simplicity and efficiency are the main concepts of close combat techniques of Israeli close combat, the foundations of the modern Krav Maga, which finds her in this video.

Respond efficiently and quickly rid yourself of all attacks: handles, bars, clutches, punches and kicks, threats or attacks with a knife, a stick, a gun...
The techniques are filmed from different angles and explained both real speed and slow motion play back and then by the author in the context.
Survive in urban environment, the strin offer the Straßenkamp0f, that offers you this DVD "Street Fighting".

Alain Formaggio:
International expert, 8.Grad for professional self defense and a Stattsprofessor for savate boxe Francaise. Alain Formaggio was the first member of the French Ordungskräfte, which by the international Krav Maga Federation (Eyal Yanilov), Israel) was awarded the diploma of the Audbilders.
Alain, black belt 5th degree, is since several years, global CTO, the WKMF (World Krav Maga Federation), an independent association, which is in constant evolution and searching for the effect on the road.

DVD 3-53 min:

Krav Maga self defense Street and its dangers

By master Alain Formaggio

Alain Formaggio, expert for Krav Maga self defense, urban environment shows you how you can fight back with different types of attacks: assistance, behavioral threats with weapons (cutter, knife, firearms...), survive attack with fists, feet, knife, stick... or effective defenses against surprising bars or forced adherence.

Numerous attacks are analyzed together with their answers, which are fast and efficient and the smallest possible risk. Attacks on foot on the road, motorcycle, in the car, in the hallway, its own doorstep, against the wall, on the stairs...
The defenses are made with bare hands or utensils: newspaper, bottle, Chair...
The techniques are filmed from different angles and explained both real speed and slow motion play back and then by the author in the context.
On the road and their dangers - anticipate, analyze and fight back, this DVD offers for the application of Krav Maga self defense

Alain Formaggio:
Chief Instructor at the training centre of the police of Paris (France).
International expert, 8.Grad for professional self defense FFTS (Switzerland) and co-founder of Close Combat operational system (Belgium).
Professor with State diploma for savate boxe Francaise.
Former member of the State Commission for savate defense and stock defense.
Winner in 2004 with the French delegation to Korea, when the largest martial arts festival in the world.
Former instructor of Krav Maga IKMF (Israel).
Current technical director of the World Krav Maga Association (Italy).
French representative of Kapap Israel and for the motto: minimum time, minimum risk and maximum impact.

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