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Mastering Judo Interview, Art.Nr. 2085871


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Toshikazu Okada

DVD in English (even without knowledge of English easy to understand), running time approx 54 minutes

The following content has this interview with Toshikazu Okada Kodokan Master:

- Who was the founder of Judo?
- What martial art did Kano Jigoro start in?
- What was your goal for Judo?
- When did you start Judo?
- Who was your teacher?
- Where did you teach?
- Do you teach nursing today?
- Do you travel to teach nowadays?
- Special Training with Oda Sensei
- More about Oda Sensei
- How many techniques do you teach?
- What was Oda Sensei famous for?
- Translations of Japanese terms
- Secret techniques of Oda Sensei
- The difference in between Kosen Judo and Judo Oda
- What was Kyuzo Mifune's famous for?
- Why did Oda concentrate on Ne Waza?
- How many techniques are there in Ne Waza?
- Have you added techniques and variations of your own?
- What is more Important technique or strength?
- How did Anton Geesink change Judo in Japan?
- In Judo do they quietly teach resuscitation techniques?
- Is Judo today an art or a sport?
- Why did it change?
- The ban of Judo?
- Teaching for all skill levels
- Why did not teach Kano Ju-Jitsu?
- Other Martial Arts and Masters
- When you met Gichin Funakoshi
- Did you train with Morihei Ueshiba?
- What was Morihei Ueshiba personaly like?
- Jigoro Kano and Morihei Ueshiba
- Jigoro Kano and Funakoshi Giching
- In Judo what is your favorite
- The most impressive things about Masters thesis
- Why is Important in todays Judo Kata less?
- What do you think of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
- What do you think of Bruce Lee?
- How is the Kodokan evolving?
- How is your Judo Kodokan Judo different then?

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