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K-1 Kickboxing 3 DVD Box!, Art.Nr. 2084373


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product details:

Total running time of all three DVD's: 380 minutes


K-1 Marseille 2004

K-1 Rules Kickboxing heavyweight tournament in Marseille 2004

It is the tournament K-1 Satellite France in 2004 and it is in Marseille, capital of the foot and fist martial arts.
Keep up with passion the tournament in 2004 with ten warriors of the ring, you can shake to the rhythm of their punches and their power - including:
- S. Gur (Belarus)
- H. Evora (Portugal)
- C. Caron (France)
See the stars of the K-1 Grand Prix Prestige Fights with:
The Czar of K-1, the White Russian Alexei Ignashov against the Belgians Mark Dewit.
The dangerous confrontation between two dangerous thugs, the Swiss Azem Maksutaj and Belgian Aziz Khatou.
Prepare yourself for it, to discover the world champion Rani and Samir Berbachi in breathtaking fights.
Finally Experience a K1-finals before more than 5,000 spectators feverish ...

All Stars Kickboxing Marseille 02-02-2004:
The All Stars Marseille challenge the French Kickboxing Team. See:
- S. Berbachi vs F. Ezbiri
- S. Ginon vs JB Milonas
- R. Hamoulili vs F. Huratado
- O. Manda vs W. Haddad
- T. Djellal vs T. Bokonake
- F. Aurieng vs JB Fuentes
- C. Caron vs C. H Ka
- I.Perkovic vs S. Gur

Berbachi s Training:
Discover and train with Rani and Samir Berbachi, the two champions in Kickboxing, in full preparation for the K-1 satellites in 2005

The following menu items are available:
- K-1
- Prestige Fight
- Bonus

Original Sound

Total running time: 120 minutes

DVD 2:

K-1 Marseille 2005

K-1 Rules Kickboxing heavyweight tournament in Marseille 2005

The tournament K-1 Rules has already become in his fourth host to an inevitable meeting in Europe for all lovers of kick boxing.
A whole series of brilliant heavyweight, extraordinary battles and of course the audience will experience this evening in the rank of the Boxing Tournaments Kick largest in Europe. The discharge of 2005 confirms this rule with fighters of great names like:
Gur, Tony, Avasov, Caron, Riccio, Maksutaj, Fuentes, N Ka ...
See the two brothers Berbachi, Samir and Rani in Prestige Fight. Samir fights against the Portuguese Kickboxing Champion Arnoldo Silva. Rani is Huberto Evora opposite, finalist of the K-1 Rules of 2004.
Finally, you will attend the finals of this tournament, which took place before more than 4,000 spectators. There are over the best fighters of the evening.

Behind the scenes: A great look behind the curtain of the tournament, pictures of preparation and concentration before the Kämfen, the interview with the fighters, the expiration of the initial mass, in short, everything that to which the audience can not participate ...

An afternoon in Vont-Vert: Portrait of brothers Berbachi, the beginnings, the careers, the future, against the background of their neighborhood in Marseille. Follow them. Until their last training before their fight

The following menu items are available:
- Tournoi
- Prestige Fights
- Bonus
- Language

The DVD is playable in the following languages:
- French
- English
- German
- Spanish

Total running time: 110 minutes

DVD 3:

K-1 Marseille 2006

K-1 Rules Kickboxing heavyweight tournament in Marseille 2006

A heavyweight tournament, which is unique in France, a major first: the admissibility of direct kicks to the knee, an audience that filled the Sports Palace of Marseille, extraordinary battles.
The fifth edition of the K-1 Rules is on a line with the largest international kick-boxing tournaments with participation of the best European fighters: Ustinov, Majstorovic, Caron, Guidon, Dancrade, Kupcak, Varnica, Novovic ...

Experience the first organized in France official WFKB World Heavyweight Championship between the White Russians Serguei Gur and the French Rani Berbachi in a fight with 12 stages to 2 minutes each.
Then see a Super Prestige Fight between the French and the Portuguese Kemayo Freddy Humberto Evora.

Fire finally the best fighter in this tournament, which will have to face in the final.

Discover also in the bonus:
- Behind the scenes: The camera will be there in the cabins this brilliant evening, the interview with the fighters on the eve of the tournament, as well as images of the official weighing.
- Hope Fight: A fight with 5 stages of facing two fighters from the PACA region (Provence-Alpes-Cote d Azur), Jerome Ferret and Fabien Vichi.
- Reserve Fight: The two reserve fighters face each other in a tough fight in order to secure their spots in the tournament.

The following menu items are available:
- Tournoi
- Combats prestige
- Bonus
- Language

The DVD is playable in the following languages:
- French
- English
- German
- Spanish

Total running time: 150 minutes

weight: approx. 0.3 kg


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