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Budo Festival 2002, Art.Nr. 2081228

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Ein Produkt von Budo International


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DVD, avaible in German, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

Madrid, April 13 stunning performances of martial arts and contact sports, presented in an exceptional event, organized 2002 twenty-one by Budo international, are now available on DVD or video. Experience the spectacular break tests of Teo Garcia, Jose Cuspinera (master of Kansen-Ryu), Pedro Dabauza. Jesus Fernandez shows Pefektion Shotokan karate, taekwondo is Jesus Tortosa performed by the young talent, Aikido by Jose Luis Isidro, Hapkido through Jesus Navarro and his students. The capoeira brings us closer to the group to master Werdum, Kobudo Okinawa is presented by students of master of Choyu Hentonas, Tai Chi Chen by Paolo Cangelosi and kendo by Ken Wa Kai Group. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches high-level Fabrizio Werdum, the Gutierrez brothers show us wing tsun and escrima medieval. Angel Garcia us introduces the Kajukenbo, Juan Hombre in authentic ninjutsu. Marco de Cesaris represents the Jeet Kune do, Huang Aguilar leading Shaolin Kung Fu and Colonel of Sanchez with his cadets Jukaikido in Muay Thai and Joaquin Almeria.

To enjoy, what unites us and develop: a DVD to the martial arts!

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