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Buch englisch Selbstverteidigung

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Practical application of Nerve ...


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Practical application of Nervendruck- and striking techniques - LE

Erwin Pfeiffer

Practical application of Nervendruck- and striking techniques

With Kyoshi Erwin Pfeiffer

The Jiu Jitsu and Hapkido Master Erwin Pfeiffer presents and simply explained in this book, along with champion Bernd cave applicable pain points and their use in self-defense using practical examples.

When selecting the attack used was taken to ensure that a wide variety of attack types are used and the targets were deliberately selected so that several points can be used in a single defense action. This, this book offers a variety of suggestions and ideas for use of all martial arts and SV-areas.

Anyone can the techniques that are most appropriate for him to select and enrich their own defense through them here. Maybe is indeed one or the other through this book to get started in the area of â€â€the pain point use?

Master Erwin Pfeiffer has been operating for over 30 years martial arts and has long been involved with the use of nerve points in a variety of martial arts styles, such as the Japanese and the Korean Kyusho Kupso and many other martial arts.

He attaches great importance to in reality executable techniques, which are characterized by efficiency and are also useful in an emergency for use in self-defense.

Hardcover bound in cloth and gold lettering extra glossy dust jacket.

This book is strictly limited to 500 copies and is numbered individually.

Format 16.5 X 23.5 cm

Author: Erwin Pfeiffer

Bound hardcover edition, cloth-bound: 126 pages

Publisher: VP-Masberg

Language: German

ISBN-10: 3943593051

ISBN-13: 978-3943593051

book+englisch self+defence self+defense other

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