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During this interview you will learn so much about Judo not the technical parts but the history, the tradition, the culture and the art form that you will say wow I am still just a beginner. Learn about why the Kodokan specialized in throwing yet during the 1930s the Dai Nippon ButokuKai specialized in groundwork and why this is so. This is the first time ever that so much of the actual history of Judo is discussed including the great debate between Oda and Kano about ground work versus throwing. Okada Sensei talks about his personal training in the early days of the Kodokan and how Oda Sensei took him under his wing and taught him all the Okuden or secret techniques he taught to no one else. Learn how Oda was the real master of groundwork and how he developed it. Learn new terminology like Yamoto Damashi, Kinshi Waza and lots more. This is a DvD you will watch again and again just to pick up so much from a master of masters. Audio: Englisch


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