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translated by Schlatt
Englisch 210 mm X 145 mm, 206 pages, Paperback
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A complete compendium of all terms we use in karate, and here specialized in Shôtôkan. As there are all kind of techniques, terms of tournaments and philosophies in the Martial Arts. Written in an unique form with their Japanese Characters (Kanji), Pronunciation and English translation.

The ./jpgs/dictionary contains the Numerical System, Different Levels and Directions, Elements of the Karate Training, Basic and Advanced Kata, Instructions during the Training, Movements, Stances, Postures, Dôjô Rules, Parts of the Human Body and all Techniques in an illustrated form. Furthermore it enters the philosophical background of Shôtôkan Karate through the explanation of Selected Terms, the Origin of the Name Karate-Dô, the Twenty Precepts of Karate-Dô by Master Funakoshi and so forth. The final chapters are Karate Philosophies and some annotations of famous Zen-Masters. The book is of high quality, being both glued and sewn to provide utmost satisfaction.


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