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Litter mat COMPACT 244 x 150 c ...


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Litter mat COMPACT 244 x 150 cm in blue by PHOENIX

COMPACT cast mat / folding mat 244 x 150 cm, blue

Special mat for Judo throwing training or as a soft mat for exercises in fitness training. The filling is approx. 15cm thick and consists of a special soft composite foam plastic with particularly strong shock-absorbing effect, a strike-through is excluded. The mat is placed on an existing area of training mats.

The surface consists of tear-resistant solid vinyl covering with a smooth surface, in order to avoid abrasions. Side vent grids are attached.

For transport or storage the mat can be folded in the middle and then only even approx. 122 x 150 cm. She also has 4 stable carrying handles for easy transport.

This is a perfect mat for various applications within the martial arts and fitness training, not running on a normal mat surface.

Litter mat 2x1 m "Nage-Komi"
by Ju-Sports


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Litter mat 2x1 m "Nage-Komi" by Ju-Sports

Composite foam core mat with vinyl coating in rice straw pattern and specially tuned damping properties.

Bottom with anti-slip lining made of latex with slip-resistant waffle structure.

Density: 240kg / m³

2 items per page 20 | 30 | 40

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