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Embroidery in desired size for asian. Characters, price per character
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We are happy to offer you our standard embroidery also in any size. The charge is per character.

We ask you to note that satin stitches (satin stitches) only up to a stitch spacing of 8 mm are possible. To ensure the high quality of embroidery, is about 8mm Embroidery realized only in lockstitch from a stitch spacing. There is always the largest distance between two stitches in the embroidery prevail. A combination of lock stitch and satin stitch is not recommended, as this destroys the uniform appearance of the embroidery. We will advise you in the choice of the optimal font size and Bestickungsform. Tell us about your wishes so, simply as precisely as possible - preferably by e-mail - with. We will get back to you.

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